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Black Friday began in the US and marks the Friday following Thanksgiving, which is usually observed on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, this Friday was the beginning of the holiday and Christmas spending period but in recent years it has evolved into a global shopping extravaganza.
This year Black Friday is on Friday 26th November 2021.
Fitness Warehouse Black Friday sales will be on select items across a range of equipment categories.
The world pretty much has Black Friday now and Australians are big consumers of Black Friday Sales – the perfect time to grab a bargain, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your home gym or workout space.
Black Friday is believed to have earned its name because of the large amount of shoppers hitting the shops which caused chaos on the streets. It took on another meaning in the 80’s and 90’s because it was believed it became a time of the year where US retailers began to turn a profit – going from being ‘in the red’ to ‘in the black’, this is however unconfirmed.
As the name hints, Cyber Monday is an online affair. It was created by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman of the US National Retail Federation and, in a deliberate move to promote online shopping back in 2005 when the Internet was in its infancy. Nowadays many businesses blur the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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