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5 reasons to love your Treadmill at home

5 reasons to love your Treadmill at home

5 reasons to love your Treadmill at home

A home training set up is such a great escape from the world around us, especially in 2020. Whether you're starting the process of setting up a home gym or you're picking and choosing your final pieces, the process is exciting. The type of cardio equipment you choose for your home set up is highly individualised based on a varitey of different reasons. Budget, space and style of training being the main factors. If you're contemplating buying that dream treadmill here's our top 5 reasons we love having a treadmill at home.  

  1. Run anytime - The convenience of having a treadmill at home gives you more access to the one thing we all crave. You’re own time. Therefore, it is possibly one of the best investments you can make.
  2. Stay safe - In winter when it’s dark and cold at the opposite ends of the day run in the safety of your own home without having to worry about visibility issues.
  3. Measure progress - Treadmills can record a fantastic level of data whilst you’re exercising. By simply adjusting your frequency, duration and intensity in training you can constantly challenge your fitness levels if you wish.
  4. Protect your body - Running on hard surfaces can also be hard on your joints. Treadmills like the Paragon X feature cushion technology to help you run longer.
  5. Catch up on life - Burn calories whilst watching your favourite tv show or movie on demand whilst you walk, jog or run.

Does the motor size matter?

Essentially the answer to this question lies in what you want to use your treadmill for. This decision ensures that you'll bring the right treadmill home to align with your overall health and fitness goals. This is because some levels of exercise need relative amounts of horsepower. For example, will you be walking, jogging, running or a combination of all three? As a general rule of thumb;

Walkers - 1.75 - 2HP will serve you well

Joggers/Runners - 2 - 2.5HP is a good minimum to start from

Distance Runners - 3HP and above recommended

Keeping this in mind will definitely help extend the life of your treadmill. It' also important to note that user weight can play a role in the horsepower requirements. Generally speaking, if the user of a treadmill is over 95kgs adding .5 HP will help with support. In addition, regularly lubricating your treadmill mat will support the life of your treadmill motor. Treadmill oil is applied under the walking belt on to the deck to ensure the walking belt glides smoothly on the deck minimising friction. .

To help prolong belt, deck and motor life treadmill decks should be lubricated every 2 to 3 months with regular use.

If you're still on the hunt for your dream treadmill browse the Fitness Warehouse range today or contact our helpful store team today - Good luck and happy running. 


  Written by Fitness Warehouse Personal TrainerSimon Mitchell

Simon has a Bachelor of Human Movement, is a certified FMS trainer and has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. Simon started his fitness journey as a trainer with iNform Health and Fitness before moving into commercial radio and then back into fitness with Bodyism in the United Kingdom and Australia. A career highlight was being one of the cast trainers on Star Wars IX - The Rise Of Skywalker.

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