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3 Reasons To Love TRX Training Bands

3 Reasons To Love TRX Training Bands

3 Reasons To Love TRX Training Bands

If you're looking to challenege your fitness levels and change up your training style let us introduce you to the TRX Training Bands. Loved the world over by professional athletes through to weekend warriors it is such a versatile piece of gym equipment that has become even more popular with the rise of Home Training in 2020.

The latest version of the band itself has adjustable and padded foot cradles, upgraded webbing and microban-treated antimicrobial textured rubber handles. The best feature of the band is the fact you can train anywhere thanks to the three types of anchoring solutions included. 

3 Reasons To Love TRX Training Bands

  1. Reach any goal - Your TRX Band can be used to improve sports performance, lose weight with HIIT sessions, gain strength in a variety of areas and can even be used in rehabilitation settings.
  2. Take your core to the next level - Your core is always worked when using the TRX Band because your mid section is engaged in every exercise. Your core is made up of muscles of the pelvis, back, chest and abdominals and the TRX allows you to work in multiplanes of movement which challenges these muscles. Not only that you can isolate muscles of the core with challenging variations of plank and pike exercises to name a few. 
  3. Quick Transitions - Because you're using your own bodyweight there's no time wasted on moving benches, barbells and weights around. Which means you can transition from one exercises to the next quickly. As a result, you can bring lots of cardio conditioning into your TRX training as well. 

What can you do? 

Below is a workout put together at the Fitness Warehouse HQ by trainer Tayla Lee Kelly  It combines a series of upper and lower body exercises that really highlight the versatility of the TRX Band and how you can do a full body workout in one go. 

Do 20 repetitions per exercise one after the other. Complete the circuit 3 times, with 45 seconds rest between each circuit. 

- Jumping lunges
- Squat jumps
- Single leg squat
- Leg curl
- Push up
- Close grip row
- Torso rotation
- Mountain climbers
- Plank Crunch


It's important to note that this workout is on the more advanced side. If you're new to TRX Training keep it simple. Avoid plyometric exercises like jumping squats and jumping lunges until your body is strong enough to deal with them. 

If you're just starting out learn the basics like the Squat, Lunge, Row, Press and Plank. You can then layer them into an upper and lower style workout that would look something like this.

Do 12 reps of each exercise and transition straight into the next exercise. Complete 4 rounds with 45 seconds rest between each round.







I love TRX Bands, I was first introduced to them in the late 2000's working for Bodyism in London. They were a fantastic addition to our gym setup and created instant variety for the clients I was training at the time. I have my own that has traveled all over Australia and parts of Europe with me. Which is my favourite thing about the TRX Band. It is so lightweight and portable. You won't regret adding this to your training tool kit. 


simon mitchell fitness warehouse head trainer   Written by Fitness Warehouse Personal TrainerSimon Mitchell

Simon has a Bachelor of Human Movement, is a certified FMS trainer and has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. Simon started his fitness journey as a trainer with iNform Health and Fitness before moving into commercial radio and then back into fitness with Bodyism in the United Kingdom and Australia. A career highlight was being one of the cast trainers on Star Wars IX - The Rise Of Skywalker.


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