AZAFIT Total Power Cage by Ffittech

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AZAFIT Total Power Cage by FFITTECH

The AZAFIT Total Power Cage by FFITTECH is the perfect setup for semi professional gyms and the home gym. It is designed and produced to be robust, solid and versatile, providing an immense variety of exercises for the most demanding users. Rack pulls, rack squats, bench press, chin ups and deadlifts are just some of the exercises you™re able to do with this functional piece of kit.

Suitable for semi-commercial use, personal training studios, hotels, performance centres or as a premium home gym solution.



Combines Smith Machine, dual Pulley, Squat, Lat Pulldown and Low Row in a compact gym power rack suitable for both commercial and home use. Plate Loaded System.


Muscles worked:

Upper back 

Lower back






- Low Row Handle
- Exercises Board
- Smith Machine “ Maximum Load 200Kg
- Pull up bar multi positions 350 kg (maximum user weight)
- Frontal Safety Spotters
- J Hooks
- Lat Pulldown Bar
- Handles
- Bíceps and tríceps Bar



Unit Weight 198Kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 191 x 196 x 220CM

- Adjustment Buttons Aluminium
- Tube thickness 3mm
- Transmission System Steel Cable 4mm
- Type settings Manual adjustment
- Multi-position rotating double handle Helps to improve the position of the user during exercise.
- Post: Stainless Steel 50 mm
- Rod: Guides Stainless Steel
- Rubber grips and slip Non-absorbent