Xpeed Weight Lifting Hooks

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Xpeed Weight Lifting Hooks

The Xpeed Lifting Hooks allow you to lift more weight during training. We recommend to build grip strength naturally, however these type of lifting accessories allow you to grow stronger despite a grip deficiency. The common sense approach with lifting hooks is to use them when you need them. If you don™t have grip issues with certain exercises, then continue to do them un-aided. However, if overloading muscles for hypertrophy is the end goal, hooks are a fantastic aid to help you maintain your grip. Hooks will also help protect your forearms and wrists during exercises like deadlifts, pull ups and lat pulldowns. Sold as a pair.

Overloading the muscles of the upper back can be difficult to achieve because many of the exercises are pulling movements and in many instances grip will fail before the targeted muscles of the upper back and legs will.

Hooks allow you to wrap around the barbell much quicker than conventional straps. This product is complimented well with the Xpeed Lifting Chalk.


  • Neoprene padded wrist cuff for maximum comfort
  • Reinforced wrist cuff
  • 2.5-inch wide metal hook
  • Robust buckle
  • Hook and loop closure for easy fit and adjustment