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Xpeed Prowler Sled - Harness Included

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Xpeed Prowler Sled - Harness Included

The Xpeed Prowler Sled is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that offers many benefits. Want to boost your metabolism by burning loads of calories, work a truckload of muscles and build lean muscle mass? Then the Prowler Sled is for you. Over the last several years it has continued to gain popularity and it's not uncommon to see one sitting on some astro turf in most commercial facilities. 

New to the sled? They're a basic training tool that's designed to slide across turf and they're easy to load weight onto thanks to the centrally located olympic sleeve. The prowler sled has two vertical posts at the back and horizontal posts at the front. The posts at the front allow you to attach items like battle ropes and harnesses for extra functionality and training versatility.

Want to learn more? Read on the Knowledge blog about why the Prowler Sled is the Strength & Condidtioning Coach's Secret Weapon.

For the smaller Sprint Sled see here. 

Simple to Use:

In essence the sled is simple to use, you either push or pull it along. However, that's just your starting point, if you use the correct technique and apply the right training principles the sled will help you burn loads of calories and pack on lean muscle. 

To do the basic sled push, stand in front of the the sled with a split leg stance just like your natural running position, lean forward slightly and grab hold of the upright handles/posts with slightly bent arms. You'll want to brace your core and maintain a neutral spine. If you're a beginner hold the handles higher, if you're more advanced hold the handles lower. Generally speaking, straighter arms is more advanced, especially on your shoulders, so start with slightly flexed arms as you get ready to push the sled.

From here drive the sled forwards. Your calves, hamstrings and glutes will be the main driving force here as your core works to transfer the load generated from your lower body through the upper body (torso) into your arms to push the sled forward. This requires a lot of muscles working together to get that sled on the move, so as well as the calves, glutes and hamstrings firing up, your obliques and stabilisers in your back and abs will do their thing too. 


– Heavy Duty Frame with 7.5cm Square Steel Tubing finished with a stylish black matte powder coating
– 2 x Removable Upright Push Poles (L 99 x 5cm diameter)
– 7 x Olympic Weight Plate Holders perfect for training against a heavier resistance
– Stylish Stainless Finish Centre Pole with thick rubber stopper
– 3 x Heavy Duty Anchor Points for Leads or Harness
– 3 x Interchangeable Sled Feet (L 25 x W 12 x D .8cm), tough enough for most surfaces
– 1 x Quality Padded Harness with Buckle
– 2 x Long Leads (L 310cm x W 4cm) including 4 x Large Carabiners


– Made from heavy gauge steel square tubing, steel tube is 7.5cm x 7.5cm
– Welded extra frame reinforcement at assembly points for additional strength and durability
– Quality matte black finish powder coat
– Frame base is 104cm in length, 82cm in width
– Height with push poles in place is 100cm

Tech Specs:

– Product Dimensions: L 104 x W 82 x H 100
– Product Weight: 41kg

– Carton Dimensions: 99 x 67 x 21cm
– Carton Weight: 43kg

We recommended that the sled be used on:

– Artificial turf or running tracks
– Grass
– Smooth Concrete
– DO NOT use on Bitumen surfaces

Harness, Leads and Carabiners are included
Olympic Weight Plates are sold separately


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