Xpeed Professional Tear Drop Bag 110cm

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Xpeed Professional Tear Drop Bag 110cm

The Xpeed Professional Tear Drop Bag 110cm, the latest addition to Xpeed's premium range of punching bags, made to elevate your training sessions. Designed to offer versatility and unmatched durability, this bag is ideal for boxing enthusiasts, personal trainers, and anyone seeking to improve their striking skills.

Designed for Precision and Versatility

Experience a dynamic workout with the Xpeed Professional Teardrop Bag. Made from the same robust 1500GSM HD material as Xpeed's top-tier bags, this tear drop bag is built to withstand the rigours of intense training. Its unique shape allows for a wide range of striking techniques, making it perfect for mastering hooks, uppercuts, knees, and body shots.

Unrivalled Impact Absorption

Enhance your training sessions with optimal impact absorption. The bag is rag-filled and lined with a 10mm layer of regenerated sponge lining, ensuring that each strike is absorbed efficiently. This construction minimises stress on your joints and hands, allowing you to train harder and longer without worry.

Enhanced Stability and Control

Train with confidence as the Xpeed Professional Teardrop Bag offers superior stability. Six chain links connected to a reinforced patch ensure secure hanging and consistent movement, providing the control you need to refine your techniques.

Perfect for Various Training Styles

Whether you're focusing on boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA, the teardrop shape of this bag allows for versatile training. Its design makes it ideal for practising clinch work, power punches, and knee strikes, enabling you to develop a comprehensive skill set.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The Xpeed Professional Teardrop Bag is easy to set up and maintain, making it a convenient addition to any training space. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, even under the most demanding conditions. Hook & Swivel is included.


Unique Teardrop Shape Allows for a variety of striking techniques, enhancing training versatility.
1500GSM HD Material Durable and robust, ensuring longevity even with intense use.
Foam Lined with 10mm Regenerated Sponge Lining Provides excellent impact absorption, reducing strain on joints and hands.
Six Chain Links Ensures secure hanging and stability during training.
Ideal for Various Training Styles Perfect for boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA, allowing for comprehensive skill development.
Rag-Filled Enhances durability and maintains shape over time.



Material 1500GSM HD Material
Filling Foam Lined with 10mm Regenerated Sponge Lining
Chain Links 6 x Chain links connected to reinforced patch
Ideal for Hooks, uppercuts, knees, and body shots
Weight 40kg
Bag Dimensions 118cm (H) x 56cm (W) at widest and 26cm (W) at smallest
Boxed Dimensions 57cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 118cm (H) - 40kg weight

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