Xpeed Professional Floor to Ceiling Ball

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Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball

The 14 inch  Xpeed Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball is ideal for the experienced boxer looking to take their hand-eye coordination, punching speed, defensive reflexes and overall agility to the next level. Featuring a high grade leather shell, adjustable nylon wound straps and a butyl bladder means this ball is built for repeated use. The smaller 14 inch size presents a reduced hitting surface which challenges the user to refine their technique.  Well balanced with quality stitching, balanced striking surface and a teardrop design challenges the user to throw a variety of punches with accuracy. Build A Better Fighter with the 14 inch Xpeed Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball.


High Grade Leather Shell
The leather shell  is designed to withstand repeated impacts, punches and training sessions without compromising its structural integrity. The rugged nature of leather ensures that your gloves will maintain their shape and protective qualities over time, allowing you to rely on them for consistent performance.
Butyl Bladder
High quality butyl bladder results in maintaining higher air tension and air pressure for longer periods.
15? Speed Ball
This 15 inch floor to ceiling ball has a larger strike area for easier ball work.
Adjustable nylon wound straps
The ability to adjust the height and tension of the ball enables you to fine-tune your precision striking. By finding the optimal height and tension, you can practice hitting the ball with pinpoint accuracy, improving your timing, aim, and striking technique. This precision training translates directly into improved performance in the ring or cage.