Xpeed Pro Series Revolving Curl Bar

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Xpeed Pro Series Revolving Curl Bar

The Pro Series Revolving Curl Bar is a commercial grade cable attachment that features a revolving eyelet, a knurled grip for performance and stylish matte black finish. It is most commonly used for bicep curls and tricep push-downs but can also be used to perform close-grip lat pull downs, seated rows, upright rows, overhead extensions and straight arm push-downs.

Exercise Profile
Target muscle group Biceps, Triceps
Movement Type Strength - Bilateral Push, Pull
Other equipment required Cable machine
Experience level Beginner


- Smooth Revolving attachment point

- Constructed of solid steel with a black matte finish

- Knurled handle

- Easy to attach


Footprint - 74 cm x 13 cm

Handle thickness - 25 mm

Weight - 3.5kg