Xpeed Power Bags

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Size: 5kg

Xpeed Power Bags

Xpeed Power Bags are a versatile piece of training equipment that elevates the functional training experience. Due to their easy storage they make an ideal addition to small group training. They’re also the perfect piece of equipment for lifting technique training. These Power Bags are part of the Xpeed Cross Training family of products and are sand free.


Varied Grips

Bent over rows, cleans, snatches, high pulls and bicep curls are just some of the many exercises you can perform thanks to our handle variations. The athlete can also perform clean and presses, shoulder presses and push presses thanks to the soft touch nature of the bag overall. On either sides of these power bags, find reinforced padded handles for comfort during exercise. One end of the bag has a strap for pull throughs and single hand use carrying.


With power bags you can lift, carry, throw and slam. Due to their design the bags are unstable and as a result they challenge different movement patterns during functional training.


– Commercial quality

– Rip-proof extremely durable vinyl cover

– Reinforced composite foam lining

– Reinforced solid cardboard tubing to retain cylindrical shape

– Padded handles made from double stitched reinforced, vinyl seat-belt webbed straps

– Zipper is enclosed with stitching and velcro tabs for extra protection

– Sand free

– Bags available in 5 different weights from 5kg beginners to 25kg advanced users



Xpeed Power Bags have a warranty period of 90 days for both commercial or domestic use. In order to increase the longevity of this item, we strongly recommend using this product on artificial turf, rubber floor tiles, carpet or interlocking floor mats. Avoid using this item directly on concrete or any hard surface. Never slam power bags, as they may split which will void the warranty.