Xpeed Olympic Swiss Bar

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Colour: Black

Xpeed Olympic Swiss Bar

Whether you're a competitive weightlifter or just looking to get stronger, the Xpeed Olympic Swiss Bar can help you reach your goals. This versatile multi grip barbell is great for a variety of exercises, including presses, rows, and curls. With its durable construction and comfortable grip, the Xpeed Olympic Swiss Bar is a must-have for any serious lifter. In addition to the numerous movements, there 4 multi grip options. As a result, it provides even more variety in your training. Take the bench press as an example, you can perform a close grip bench press, a wide grip bench press and a bunch in between.

One of the main benefits of the swiss bar is that it decreases the stress placed on the wrists and shoulders during pressing, whilst at the same time increasing tricep activation. This is due to the fact that when your hands are in a neutral position, your elbows will tuck inwards toward the body when bench pressing and rowing. In this particular position, the triceps are targeted more and this is important in movements like the bench press. It also makes the Xpeed Olympic Swiss Bar suitable for people recovering from shoulder injuries.

The Swiss bar truly offers awesome versatility. If you™re looking for a specialty bar that™s affordable, versatile and effective for rehab and prehab, the Swiss bar is an excellent option.


- Length 2.2m

- Weight: 20kg

- Handle diameter: 28mm

- Max Weight Capacity: 250kg

- Course knurl

- Powder coated finish

- Fits Olympic rubber and bumper plates


20kg L: 220 W: 22 H: 7

Boxed dimensions:

22kg L: 224cm W: 25cm H: 9cm