Xpeed Olympic Gorilla Grip Collars

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Xpeed Olympic Gorilla Grip Collars

Safely lock and secure your weight plates with the Xpeed Olympic Gorilla Grip Collars. Suitable for Olympic Barbells like the X-Series Barbell. These heavy duty nylon clamps have a fast locking and release action. As a result, they are easy to use which ensures a safe and secure workout. The jaws of these barbell collars slide onto the barbell sleeve and the snap lock keeps the plates in place with 2 high-density rubber blocks.


- Heavy Duty Nylon Clamps
- Diameter (50mm) Fit For Olympic Barbell
- Fast Locking & Release Action
- Secure Your Weight Plates
- Easy to glide on and off
- Effectively secures weights
- Snap-latch locking