Xpeed Eye in Tail Lifting Straps

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Xpeed Eye in Tail Lifting Straps

Xpeed Eye in tail lifting straps allow you to overload your muscles for hypertrophy training and help optimise your grip during heavy lifting thanks to their anti-slip texture. Simple in design and reliable in use, this style of strap is built for heavy repetitive use. Double stitched for durability and soft wearing for comfort, they™re an ideal training aid for every type of user.

The common sense approach with Xpeed Eye In Tail Lifting Straps is to use them when you need them. If you don™t have grip issues with certain exercises, then continue to do them un-aided. However, if overloading muscles for hypertrophy is the end goal, straps are a fantastic aid to help you maintain your grip. Straps will also help protect your forearms and wrists during exercises like deadlifts, pull ups and lat pulldowns.

How they help?

Overloading the muscles of the upper back can be difficult to achieve because many of the exercises are pulling movements and in many instances grip will fail before the targeted muscles of the upper back and legs will.


  • 40mm strap