Xpeed Boxing Station

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Colour: Floor To Ceiling Attachment

Xpeed Boxing Station

The Xpeed Boxing Station is constructed from heavy duty steel, with multiple weight plate anchor points for stability as well as ground mounting plates for ultimate stability. Suitable for holding punching bags to the weight of 40kg.

This boxing station comes with the option to add a speedball platform or a floor to ceiling attachment to hone in on your speed and agility skills. Conversely, you can purchase the Xpeed Boxing Station as a complete set. 

*Floor to ceiling ball not included with Floor to ceiling attachment.

*Speedball not included with Speedball Platform Attachment



- 1 x steel eyelet

- 4 x ground mounting plates

- 4 x weight plate anchor points

- Optional Speedball attachment

- Optional floor to ceiling attachment




H: 240cm | L: 117cm | W: 150cm

Speedball attachment: D: 3cm | L: 54cm | W: 48cm


H: 13.5cm | L: 122cm | W: 32cm

Weight: 22kg