Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench V2

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Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench

Designed by the Australian Xpeed team the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench is made for high volume gym use. The flat bench is a staple piece of equipment for any gym set up but they also have multiple uses for training. Popular for exercises such as the bench press and dumbbell press the flat bench can also be used for pull overs, bent over rows, tricep skull crushers, seated bicep curls, step ups, bench jumps, Bulgarian split squats, hip thrusts and more.

If you're looking for an adjustable bench for incline and decline options you can browse our range of adjustable benches here.


- Wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
- Commercial grade weight rating 250kg.
- Thick one piece padding with support brackets for stability.

Weight: 15kgs.