Xpeed 50kg Barbell/ Dumbbell Set

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Xpeed 50kg Standard Weight Set

Take your strength training to the next level with the Xpeed 50kg Standard Weight Set, a comprehensive package designed for serious lifters. This set includes a variety of equipment to suit your workout needs:

- 1 x 6ft One Piece Spin Lock Bar: The sturdy spin lock bar provides a stable platform for various exercises, allowing you to target different muscle groups effectively.

- 2 x Dumbbell Handles with Screw Lock: These adjustable handles offer versatility and convenience, enabling you to perform a wide range of exercises with customized resistance.

- 4 x 5kg Discs: Add substantial weight to your lifts with these durable 5kg discs, ideal for building strength and muscle mass.

- 6 x 2.5kg Discs: Fine-tune your workout intensity by adjusting the weight load with these 2.5kg discs, perfect for progressive training.

- 4 x 1.25kg Discs: Enhance your workout precision and control with these smaller weight discs, allowing for incremental adjustments in resistance.

Built to last and featuring a user-friendly design, the Xpeed 50kg Weight Set is suitable for home or gym use. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, this set provides the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals effectively.

About The Standard Weight Plate:

The Xpeed Standard Weight Plate, now featuring a sleek black matte cast iron finish and a diamond bevelled edge for enhanced durability and style. The plate's dual ezy grip design ensures easy handling across all sizes from 1.25kg to 25kg, making it perfect for various exercises and fitness levels.

Designed with home users in mind, this weight plate has a 29mm diameter hole and fits Xpeed standard bars and adjustable dumbbells, offering convenience and versatility for your workouts. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the Xpeed Standard Weight Plate is a reliable and essential addition to your fitness arsenal.

  • 29mm hole diameter

  • Cast iron construction

  • Diamond bevelled edge



Sleek black matte cast iron finish

Adds durability and enhances the aesthetics of your home gym

Diamond bevelled edge

Provides increased durability and prevents chipping and wear

Dual ezy grip design

Ensures easy handling and grip, making plate changes hassle-free

Suitable for home use

Perfect for home gyms, offering convenience and versatility

29mm diameter hole

Compatible with most common standard bars and adjustable dumbbells

Plate Size




1.25 kg

2 cm

13 cm

2.5 kg

2 cm

18 cm

5 kg

2.5 cm

24 cm