Ffittech Sissy Squat

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FFITTECH Sissy Squat Machine

The FFITTECH Sissy Squat Machine is designed to specifically target the quads whilst minimising the use of the hamstrings and glutes. With an easy to adjust seat it will accommodate users of different heights to train comfortably. Therefore, if you're looking to improve the strength and size of your quads, the FFITTECH Sissy Squat Machine is the right piece of equipment for you. Don't let the name fool you, there is nothing sissy about a Sissy Squat. The name is taken from the Greek King Sisyphus, known for the most muscular quads in Greek mythology.


Why do we love the Sissy Squat Machine?

Great for muscle building - Want that tear drop shape to the quads, doing sissy squats will get you there.

Super efficient - Due to the fact they're a compound exercise sissy squats help you target several areas in one go.

Secure progress - Progress your quad gains safely and securely with this padded and sturdy piece of kit.

Work the core - As you can lean backwards to engage your your abs at the bottom of your sissy squat you can bring the hip flexors and abs into the movement, killing two birds with one stone.


The FFITTECH Series is characterised by a unique design combined with a strong component of innovation, where every single detail has been carefully thought out in order to provide its users with the ultimate workout experience. FFITTECH is superior quality, easy to assemble and the most attractive design in the Australian market.


- Commercial grade steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
- Electrostatic powder coated finish for maximum durability
- Non-slip chequer plate foot plates for added safety
- High density over-sized adjustable foam rollers for extra comfort
- Heavy duty upholstery with quality double stitching
- Rubber feet on frame to protect the floor and prevent slipping
- Adjustable seat height for optimum user positioning

Tech Specs:

- Assembled dimensions: 81.5cm (L) x 59.5cm (W) x 53cm (H)
- Weight:19kg


- Frame “ 5 Years
- Cables, Pulleys and moving parts “ 1 year
- Upholstery - 3 months
- Labor (Onsite) “ 1 year


- On site Labor component of warranty becomes void if customer puts the machine together themselves