Ffittech Multi Hip

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Ffittech Multi-Hip

The FFITTECH Multi-Hip machine provides the user with a wide range of hip training options including flexion, extension, abduction and adduction. A key feature is it's compact foot print and easy adjustments to allow for quick, effective and efficient transition from one exercise to the next.

In fact, in our humble opinion the Multi Hip Machine is severely under estimated, so if you're training athletes that require development of their hip musculature don't forget about this machine in your S&C setup. Why? Whilst the anterior and posterior hip muscles get all the glory when it comes to force development during sporting activities, the supporting muscles of the hip do complement those main force drivers behind acceleration and ultimate speed. So they're directly related to maintaining technique and balance throughout, something the Multi Hip can help you focus on with clients. 

Model Number: FSM80B

  • Commercial grade steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
  • Electrostatic powder coated finish for maximum durability
  • Cushion has moulded foam for superior comfort, support & durability
  • Rubber feet on frame which protects the floor and prevents slipping
  • Durable & stylish upholstery
  • Easy seat adjustment with chrome pin
 Assembled Dimensions  100cm Length / 129cm Width / 146cm Height
 Weight Stack  80kg / 176.37 lbs
 Frame Weight:  157kg / 346.13 lbs