Ffittech Commercial Adjustable Bench

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FFITTECH Commercial Adjustable Bench

The FFITTECH Commercial Adjustable Bench was created with high volume commercial gym use in mind. Fully adjustable from flat to incline positions of 0-90 degrees this bench creates the opportunity for the user to do a wide range of exercises whilst targeting a large number of muscles. Adjustable benches are a critical part of any commercial or home gym setup. This gym bench is great to use with most squat racks, cages and smith machines.


Why use an adjustable bench:

Found in almost every gym across the world is the highly versatile and humble adjustable bench. The key to successfully using an adjustable bench is the height of the pad which can be adjusted to different heights or angles. When utilising the fundamental press movement, as in bench presses, shoulder presses or incline presses, using a different angle causes a shift in muscle group focus. As a result, you can target different areas and muscles of the body.


Length 146cm
Width 74.5cm
Height 46.5cm
Weight 37kg