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ChiBall – ChiAroma Infused

Each ChiBall® is uniquely handcrafted and impregnated with a complementary mood-enhancing fragrance or ChiAroma®.

The ChiBall™ is a soft and spongy 15cm inflatable ball that has been infused with an aromatherapy fragrance which corresponds to its colour. The use of colour and aromatherapy has been shown to stimulate and balance both thoughts and emotions, and consequently promote a greater sense of well-being.

ChiBalls™ have been especially designed to be easily inflatable and deflatable, and are ideally suited to match the wide variety of uses found throughout the ChiBall Method™ exercises. They are hand-crafted and of superior quality in durability*, look, feel, and scent.

Choose from 10 different colours and aromas. Each ball sold separately:

Lime Green - Mint (goodness, generosity, perfection, attunement and empathy).

Pink - Rose (love and sense of companionship, resolves conflict and internal unrest).

Yellow - Lemongrass (personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, courage).

Silver - Eucalyptus (cool and reflective nature).

Blue - Juniper Berry (restore courage, resourcefulness and willpower).

Green - Geranium (abundance, love, friendship, wealth and good health).

Red - Cinnamon (energy, stamina, passion and vitality).

Orange - Sweet Orange (confidence, playfulness, spontaneity, happiness and joy).

Purple - Lavender (peace, inspiration, faith and recognition of your true nature).

Black - Aniseed (grounding, calming, perspective, understanding and self-worth).

*Anti-burst tested to 250kg

Created in Australia, in 1997, Chi-Ball has been designed to provide an exercise programme that promotes balance and well-being to people who value healthy lifestyles and personal development. Chi Ball promotes a complementary approach to health and well-being by integrating the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, colour and aromatherapy with intelligent exercise, meditations and the movement disciplines of Tai Chi – Qi Gong, Yoga, ChiBall Dance, Pilates and ChiBall Release practiced to music with a ChiBall.

All Chiballs are made in Australia


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