Bosu Ball Balance Pods

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Bosu Ball Balance Pods

The Bosu Ball Balance Pods allow you to get a total body workout as you simultaneously improve your balance, coordination and agility. By working the upper and lower body, you™ll also be developing core strength and stability, which is important for overall good health and fitness. You can use the balance pods with the flat side down for a more stable base or with the dome side down for more balance challenge. The raised rings provide grip and comfort for the hands and feet. Incorporate the BOSU Ball Balance Pods with any BOSU Ball Balance Trainer. Sold as a pair.

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Features & Benefits:

- Develops total body muscular endurance

- Strength & flexibility

- Improved dynamic balance & agility

- Builds core strength & stability

- Enhances body awareness & coordination

- Made in the USA

- Phthalate free


Weight: 1 lb. Diameter: 6.5
Weight capacity: 136kg

* Grey only available in 4 pack (2 blue, 2 grey)