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SAGA Wireless BFR Cuffs


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SAGA Wireless BFR Cuffs

Fitness Warehouse is proud to introduce SAGA Wireless BFR Cuffs to our Australian online site and 2 store locations. They are the next generation in Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training, a methodology that helps you to increase muscle size, strength and endurance without the requirement of heavy loads. Fully wireless, affordable, intelligent and accurate, SAGA BFR Cuffs are the smarter and safer way to amplify your training. 

Size guide:

Cuff:   Limb circumference given in centimetres and inches


25 - 45 cm | 10"-18"


45 - 65 cm | 18" - 26"

Note: Measurements provided are in relation to your limb circumference.

As a rough guide:
Medium = Arm Pair

Large = Leg Pair

The only time one would deviate from this is in the case of a large athlete, where Large (leg) cuffs are needed to fit on the arms. To help you choose the best size, we recommend that you compare the measurements with your own. Note: Large cuffs are suitable to wear for either arm or leg cuffs, depending on your limb measurements. Please ensure you have the correct measurements prior to purchase, as we do not offer refunds for incorrect sizing.

Why Use BFR?

Simply put... It will help you build muscle quickly. Blood flow restriction, also known as Occlusion Training, is an effective training technique used to increase muscle size and strength. 

Improve fitness
When combined with aerobic or high intensity interval training, BFR can improve VO2 max and aerobic capacity.

Build muscle
Adding BFR to your strength program can enhance the training stimulus, resulting in greater muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth, compared to low-moderate resistance strength training.

Get stronger
BFR helps you train at 100% intensity, whether it's with weights or just your body weight, making your muscles work harder and get stronger.

Blood flow restriction training involves placing an inflated cuff around the upper arm or leg (but never both at the same time) during exercise to slow the flow of blood from the working muscle.  

This causes a localised hypoxic environment, leading to faster muscle fatigue which results in a number of beneficial physiological adaptations. 

Backed by science, BFR training will help you:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase muscle size
  • Improve aerobic capacity
  • Accelerate recovery


- Sweat-Resistance Cuffs. Designed for comfort, the cuffs feature sweat-resistant fabric and a velcro-strap to support you through even the most gruelling workout.

- Featuring a rechargeable battery, advanced sensors, a pneumatic air pump and a Bluetooth 4.0 module that connects to your smart device.

- Don’t worry about sizing, the adjustable straps on your SAGA Cuffs fit most arms and legs.

- Take the guesswork out of your calibration. The SAGA Fitness app wirelessly connects to your cuffs for automatic inflation and deflation, pressure calibration, and to provide a workout timer. The app also includes a pre-screening tool to ensure that you workout safely.


Technical Specifications:

- Weight: 500g/17oz

- One size fits most

- Arm cuff guide: 25cm – 45cm/ 10 inches – 18 inches

- Leg cuff guide: 45cm – 65cm / 18 inches – 26 inches

- Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

- USB-C recharging cable

- Travel case


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