As A Valued Customer, We Want You To Know That Your Feedback Is Important To Us

At Fitness Warehouse we are constantly striving to improve our customer service experience, website, products and much more. For this reason we would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer our Net Promoter Survey.

Why Should You Care About Net Promoter Scores (NPS)?

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are all about you! NPS is the compass guiding us to providing you with a better shopping experience and personalised service. NPS measures how likely people like you are to recommend a product, service or brand to your friends and family.

Here's why it's crucial for you:

• Customer-Centric Service: NPS helps us to prioritise your satisfaction, leading to improved customer service and support.

What Is A Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

NPS is not just another survey; it's your voice. It asks you one simple question: "On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rating and 1 being the lowest. How likely is it that you would recommend Fitness Warehouse to a family member, friend or colleague?" 

Based on your answer, you're grouped into:

• Promoters (Score 9-10): People who love our business, products and service, as well as wanting to share it with friends and family.

• Passives (Score 7-8): Satisfied individuals who think it's good but not life-changing.

• Detractors (Score 0-6): Folks who had a less than ideal experience and might stay away.

NPS is all about ensuring that you get the best from every interaction.

Who Benefits From Net Promoter Scores?

NPS is designed with your interests in mind.

It's for:

• Empowered Consumers: People who want to experience improved customer service, driven by your feedback, ensuring you always feel heard and valued.

Ready to make your voice heard and see Fitness Warehouse respond better to your needs? Complete our NPS survey and be part of our journey towards being a more customer-centric business.

With NPS, you're at the heart of the change – your satisfaction and preferences matter! 

Start your journey to a better, more personalised experience today.