Bodyworx Massage Ball Set

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Bodyworx Massage Ball Set

The Bodyworx Massage Ball Set is perfect for targeting trigger points and releasing tension in the muscles. Give yourself an at home trigger point massage and target specific muscles for myofascial and muscle tension release.

Features & Benefits:

Designed for trigger point release & acupressure massage.

Acupressure Balls are another great tool to target specific muscles for myofascial release.

The density of each ball varies so that you can use a different ball depending on the area of your body to which you wish to apply pressure.

Perfect for targeting trigger points in muscle fibers & releasing tension.

To use the Acupressure Balls for stretching, myofascial treatment & muscle tension release, slowly apply pressure to problem areas by pressing on the acupressure ball or placing it against a wall or the ground and pressing your body into it.


Material: PVC

Yellow Ball: 6cm - Low Density

Orange Ball: 6cm - Medium Density

Red Ball: 6cm - High Density

Set of 3, Soft, Medium & Firm

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